EOS Developer #meetup 5/16 @Sense HQ

Blockchain developer Sense held an EOS developer platform event. The topics were “How to transfer your EOS tokens” and the upcoming EOS elections for Block Developers.

sheos.org Think outside the blocks!

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Human Blockchain current roster.

Human Blockchain Roster.


2. Crystal Rose

3. Austin Davis





8. Nayeli Gomez-Meza

9. Keith Herman

10. Steven Meade

11. Doug Hayden

12. Timothy Curry

13. Jaromy Pittario

14. Arteom Bagian

15. Casey Kasprzyk – Tom Hanks

16. Alexia Malysheff



19. Matthaias Hunkeler


21. Nicholas Juntilla –

22. Thorsten Kaye

23. Spork of Hollywood

24. Kristine Mallaru

25. David Mann – Elon Musk

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18×36 edge editing

Edge editing on 1st layer of ‘US Supreme Court’.

Jessica Reynoza on audition edit.

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Blick & Golden @Creamistry in Pasadena

Every once in awhile, something comes up that’s exciting! When done the apron will have all the Colorsign information necessary on it.

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Temporary Production Slowdown

Carol has the current version of the common cold.

As such, it is taking extra time to heal.

We will let you know when production resumes.

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Test Pattern: Sec. C243 Row 10 Seat 1

This is a quick test. Imagine every seat filled with a person wearing a colorsign t-shirt.
All 75,000 seats (and we can add more as necessary).

New LA Stadium

This has been a test of The Seating Chart at the new LA Stadium.

We now return you to regular programming.

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Super (bowl) Pattern

Diane Black - Santa Monica, CA

A couple of accupuncture sessions ago, this pattern appeared in the middle of a session.

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It’ll never be the same place, anymore.

Ann, Casey Friend, and Me.

The spot where the gunman shot at during the terrorist attack.

June 18th, 7:37 PM reads the meta-data in the Iphone.

It turns out I am a lightyear+ 3 months or so ahead of the attack. It still really bothers me though. Vegas will never be the same. How it affects American Ninja Warrior is a whole different issue. But I am sure they are up to the task. They use Mandalay Bay Casino as background in a lot of shots, that I’m sure ANW & NBC will go out of their way to edit it out.

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Trip Readiness

The shirts were coming too!

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Get your tickets now….

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