Range Cafe by Alex

Albuquerque, NM  Range Cafe     Alex is currently 10 years old. 
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… #SWHS70 as a credit card & micro sign…

      The #SWHS70 pattern has made some conceptual progress. Using just a fine point Sharpie, the pattern was posted to a micro pattern page. And it also comes in as credit card art. They made the initial card using the pattern upside down. It was put on a GoBank debit card for only Nine dollars! 
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   I was late to #FOCE2016. This was the beast handout you could get. @LACountyRRCC called it the 'gold standard' of voting procedures. Grateful describes my feelings about being able to be here as a frontline election day volunteer.    
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   We welcome back The LA Art Show to the Colorsign network. This colorsign is a collaboration of 50 alumni from the Minneapolis Southwest High School Class of 1970. The facilitator was Carol Braddock. 
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 This is a test. 
  1. yes
  2. no
  3. maybe
arrested 2 nights again....   717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249  
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#JPL Open House 10/12/2015

It is a big overwhelming sort of day at The Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Over two days 10's of 1,000's will visit the place. On Saturday it was SO busy they had to shut it down early!   Yes, I visited all the glamor spots, but as you'll learn in an upcoming video 'Can You Dig It?' takes on a whole new meaning in Interplanetary Art. #SWHS70 #InterplanetaryArt #JPLOpenHouse #colorsign       
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Dreaming in California….

   Imagine that.... a #colorsign on the TV City main wall! #SWHS70 #art
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At the art store, calculating…

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Le Diner en Blanc

  Imagine that it's dinner with 2,600 or so of your 'closest intimate art friends'. They are all wearing white. You OTOH, are a primary colorist. That was the case Thursday nite.  If we could have put the #SWHS70 colorsign on the side of the building, we would have. 
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For those of you tuning in late….

  • Welcome to Colorsign. 
  • It is getting really active again. 
  • If you view the past entries, you will realize how slowly things appear to be moving, yet know they are happening at blinding speeds.  
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