The NEW cards are in!!!

The new cards are skewed to The List Of 378 Project. Now that the
yellow ones are used up, we are back to using red ones. They are also canvas textured. They are also really, really, really thick!

You should really like them.

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In an Apple Store.

The problem is that 2 upgrades ago, the IPad began to stick during presentations.

When you type sometimes the letters don’t type at all.

It makes me not want to work….


Genius Bar @TheGrove says ‘it’s them’

It is a hardware issue.

They ordered a replacement.

More as it’s available.

UP NEXT- The phone battery.

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LA Art Fair 2019 Day One

It was a really busy opening first day this year. A search for a great scarf for @annwillmott came up empty.

Echos from former self reincarnations happened as David Stern from Raw Space Gallery Booth #836 appeared late in the afternoon.

Jottings: #81 Kate Beckinsale, #118 from 117 Aaron Donald, #167 Sen. Kamala Harris D-CA, #162 Jay-Z, #230 Vin Diesel.

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Sen. Cory Booker D-NJ gets #323 Brock Pierce

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A six foot by six foot bedspread!!!

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World Crypto Con Day Two

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Somebody 2017-2018

Somebody, the cat, peacefully died in his sleep at home in Los Angeles, CA, on All Saints Day. Somebody was a kind and loving cat. When discovered in the fall of 2017, he had many and varied medical disabilities. While not quite able to make a full recovery, he achieved his wish to become a regular house cat.

Somebody is survived be Yellow, Jobs, Mr. Seamus, and The Bran. They will all miss their alpha cat.

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World Crypto Con Day 1

The NEW VEGAS GAMES COIN made significant progress at Aris’s Poker Go Studios All Hallow’s Eve Day with the canvas being signed by:

1. Scotty Nguyen
2. Phil Hellmuth (Yellow Brick Road #13)
3. Charlie Lee – LiteCoin Founder

This served to help advance the advisory board needed to further the coins’ WhitePaper for investors. Between the players and Gaming Directors of the various casinos, a significant chunk of what will attract investors to this project will bw completed by the time the World Crypto Con is over.


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WorldCryptoCon Pre-Registration

Getting ready for Registration to open. Molly, originally from Apple Valley, MN is running the joint. She controls block 314. Erlinda from San Pedro & Kristin from San Diego are helping hold down the fort. I’m lucky that I’m getting an upgrade to VIP status.

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