Webbittown Corporation, is the parent company of colorsigns.net. It was formed 10/30/1999 in Dover, DE. Its tax id number is: 15-xxxxxxx

Webittown is a subchapter S corporation with an authorization of 5,000 shares. Robert ‘Bobby’ Williams has over 500 shares, as does Roberta ‘Bobbi ‘Bennett. Alma Stufen owns 400 shares, Richard Gins owns 100 shares

Webbiitown’s board consists of:

Carol Braddock – Chair of the Board

Roberta Bennett – Vice Chair of the Board.

Richard Gins – Treasurer

Alma Stufen – Secretary

Webbittown has 2 legacy deals. It owes Roberta Bennett, $2,900 plus interest, dating to August 2003. And Alma has a board seat for her direct family for two generations.


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