Digital Government Summit LA – Day 1

It is not so big,
but doesn’t have to be.
There is good vinyl here.

Some stuff is too bureaucratic.
The detail tape visits the floor tomorrow.

Making a sign for them.
I need single colorsigns.

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Bitcoin 2019

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Persp3ctive – Persp3ctive

Persp3ctive – Persp3ctive
— Read on

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Block 243 (via 242) – Mistress Cyan


Mistress Cyan

Grant’s Tomb


August 15th, 1861

1st Recorded LaGrange Point, as determined by NASA

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Bitcoin Pizza Day 2019

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Through 322 cards….

Only 56 to go!

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I’d like to thank the Acker Award Academy….

I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but I was in the process of getting an MRI.

Thanks for choosing me as an Art Category recipient. It’s really nice to find yourself in company with Rivington School sculptors and the like in your category.

In the box, you will find a single art card and the complete list of cards in the accompanying laminate.

Make no mistake. Colorsigns are a brand spanking new graphic language. Eventually, they will rule the landscape that you see. Carefully, they will preserve everything you have done, are doing, and ever will do.

We are pretty much all friends here. Sorry he secret was kept for so long. But now that Colorsigns are coming up, after being hidden in The Rabbit Hole for so long, our first real project is medical record identifiers. More on this and how it will make your heal better in coming posts.

Jottings: #302 Snoop Dogg, #250 Jimmy Fallon, #98 David Cameron,
#324 Evgeny Morozov, #85 Peter Coyote, #375 through 378, 377, & 376, #337 Tara Lapinsky, #76 David Beckham,

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Colorsign on KTLA 3/22/19

You can see the whole version here:

We turn up at seconds 55, 56 & 58. It’s about an article about The Crypto Blockchain Plug in Inglewood, CA

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A True Detective (#89) learned today:

It was Lisa from Australia, not….Lisa Lisa from Cult Jam.

#92 Kayne West, it was discovered, had only 2 True Colors,

just ask #88 Cyndi Lauper. They were blue & yellow.

Nicole #93 was only kidding man, when you thought her

block number was 94, it was actually 93.

America, a crypto twin, loves #80Salma Hayek. Mexican, at that.

Maybe #183 The Pres. can learn what America wants!

And last but not least, maybe #86 Glenn Danzig could write a

song about all of the schmoozing today.

Woody (Harrelson), it’s not to infinity and beyond, it’s

717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249 to 1.

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#49 Justin Bieber and other gossip…

Initial name spelling didn’t get past the miners. But the pattern itself was even off, as it has an extra blue square OR Block 63 needs reconfiguraton.

Nonetheless, this look is part of what a book page should look like.
Sorry for the spelling error, Justin. I’m sure @TMZ will have a special narrator jab about my inability to spell names correctly.

Jottings: #220 from 218 through 219, Edward Norton, #67 Ester Abraham-Hicks, #37 Jamie Diamon, #74 Alika Dangote, #60 Bill Gates,
#71 Joe Theismann, #70 Roger Ver, #69 Al Pacino, #58 Tura Banks, #52 Gemma Chan, #57 Robert Redford, #53 Lance Armstrong, #65 Morgan Freeman, #54 Julian Assange, #56 Michael Stipe, #139 Chris Hemsworth, #38 Abby Wombach, #94 Mya Anjeliu, #136 Louis Farakhan, #176 Diana Ross, #277 from 275 through 276 Taylor Swift, #7 Paul McCartney, #73 Ana Del Rey, #234 from 232 through 233 Pedro Pascal,
#355 from 356 Eric Clapton, #164 Bruce Willis, #238 Jon Bon Jovi, #175 Mark Zuckerberg, #101 Michael Jordan, #253 Alan Greenspan, #105 Sidney Crosby, #127 Neil deGrasse Tyson, #84 Zachery Bryan, #83 Sean Combs, #34 from 33 Gloria Steinem

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