Blick & Golden @Creamistry in Pasadena

Every once in awhile, something comes up that’s exciting! When done the apron will have all the Colorsign information necessary on it.

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Temporary Production Slowdown

Carol has the current version of the common cold.

As such, it is taking extra time to heal.

We will let you know when production resumes.

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Test Pattern: Sec. C243 Row 10 Seat 1

This is a quick test. Imagine every seat filled with a person wearing a colorsign t-shirt.
All 75,000 seats (and we can add more as necessary).

New LA Stadium

This has been a test of The Seating Chart at the new LA Stadium.

We now return you to regular programming.

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Super (bowl) Pattern

Diane Black - Santa Monica, CA

A couple of accupuncture sessions ago, this pattern appeared in the middle of a session.

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It’ll never be the same place, anymore.

Ann, Casey Friend, and Me.

The spot where the gunman shot at during the terrorist attack.

June 18th, 7:37 PM reads the meta-data in the Iphone.

It turns out I am a lightyear+ 3 months or so ahead of the attack. It still really bothers me though. Vegas will never be the same. How it affects American Ninja Warrior is a whole different issue. But I am sure they are up to the task. They use Mandalay Bay Casino as background in a lot of shots, that I’m sure ANW & NBC will go out of their way to edit it out.

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Trip Readiness

The shirts were coming too!

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Get your tickets now….

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The 1/8″ square returns!!!!

After a five year hiatus, 1/8 sq. in. patterns have returned. Just in time for a TV Show Pitch. These patterns are for vinyl stickers. Thanks to @annwillmott for the graphic work from a prior generation. new 1/8th inch squaresl

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Welcome to 2017! 

Coming up..,,

LA Art Show 2017

Why Zero is Banned in the NHL!!!

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Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line - First Coloratio
First coloration. Panel 369 has a minor background error.

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