Stan, I need a SuperHero

Stan Lee
The Scandanavian Little Mermaid
Phone Finder Button (TILE!!!)
Sept 1st, 1937
Vandenberg AFB l&l

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Indy, No pix to Selena = Shopping For A Rose

At 12:30 PM the Santa Monica Neurologist (+ intern) added #188, Harrison Ford after getting him the morning Ledger Edit output from the_brew_witch.

Collins, from Crypto Mondays, added Instagram Darling #132 Selena Gomez. Halfway home w/@annwillmott, it was discovered that my phone was back at the restaurant.

After depositing Ann back at the house in South LA, back to Santa Monica I went. After getting off the 10 at Lincoln, it was north to Wilshire and left to head towards The Third Street Promenade. As I crossed 7th St, I’d noticed the lights were still green to as far as 4th. And, the countdown on the 6th Street light had already started.

By the time I was 1/2 way down the block, my foot was covering the brake. as the pedestrian crosswalk count was reaching 1, but instead of the light turning yellow, the flashing hand turned solid red and the light continued to stay green.

There were cars 1/2 block ahead of me, in my flashing mirror blind spot, and cars behind both of us. There also was a dark colored car in the turn lane. Cars appeared to be driving normally in both directions as I approached the car in the adjacent center turn lane.

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@the_brew_witch & #166 John Cena

F984B3A and 5F79447 are good for a few days at your local FEDEX. Hollywood in this particular case.

Editing of the vector graphic continues at about 67% complete.

John Cena
Space Needle
Being Kind To One Another
6/16/90 7:11 AM
The Three Pillar Nebula

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Editing is underway….

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$400! It was $300 in the parking lot, why the change?”

I realized you hadn’t done ANY DUE DILIGENCE whatsoever. You changed in about 1.2 seconds after you heard I was at The National Conference of State Legislatures the week before. I hadn’t thought about the ramifications. That news was gonna cost you a lot of money, as taxes were going to enter into the equation. I’ll say it again for everybody’s records:

Blocks will be taxed. Blockchains will be taxed, Coins will be taxed in the state they are considered to be created in. And all 50 states will have the same wording in their laws about these things. I almost always ask yes/no or short fill in the blank questions. To have answered the questions would have enhanced the value of the fine art shirt you already own. You had NO IDEA you were talking to shirt #21. Nicholas is one of many in a crowded field already. Nicholas is great. I think his biz card will make The Smithsonian.

The Artcall Project Powerpoint Share by Carol Braddock

Jottings: The vector graphic is seeded!!! Paging Kelly & Shevonne….The Yellow Brick Road has 378 stops on it. The idea is to put a medallion that’s worth a pretty penny somewhere near a chosen well known landmark. It is a project you have to sign on to, cause will pay for it if you do. You can even have Harvey prepare the contracts for this, as he will surely miss you while you are gone, need compensation for it,
and make sure you are returned intact. (yes, kidnap insurance) Imagine being on The Ryman Stage in Nashville! They might even applaud you…You might never thought a trip to Skating With The Stars was that big a deal, but once you were on The Yellow Brick Road, you realized this wasn’t Kansas.

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You are looking at an example from the W3C for Decentralized IDentifiers.
Your average Venture Capialist, for all that they do understand,
don’t understand the above line of code and its ramifications if
it stands up over any lengthy period of time.

Somebody came up with it, & Somebody will make it famous!

There are a few strains of identifiers (that’s the sov part here), but it all comes down to what it will take to convert them all to just one system.

There are 717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249 unique and decentalized identifiers in the COLORSIGN graphic language system. We like our chances here. Our METHOD INITIALS WOULD BE: CRC (colorsign recovery code).

JOTTINGS: #112 Jason Bateman, #362 Dennis Rodman, #8 Denzel Washington, #2 Angelina Jolie, #216 Keith Richards, #219 Isabel Allende,


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As The Vector Graph Grows….Kinda sounds soapy….

The vector graph was being translated from the original. Looks oh so much better!

JOTTINGS: #377 Benedict Cumberbatch, #32 Celine Dion, #343 George Clooney, #77 Jennifer Lopez, #13 Penelope Cruz, #219 Isabel Allende, #24 David Hasselhoff, #59 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, #232 Meryl Streep, #117 Oprah Winfrey, #90 Jeff Goldblum, #22 Leonardo DiCaprio, #217 Michelle Obama, #270 Kim Kardashian, #242 Tim McGraw, #356 Jennifer Lawrence, #66 Mario Lemieux, #44 LeBron James

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Joanne Pepperl – Bill Drafter Extraordinaire

She will become really famous.

Much more than she is now.

She is the Revisor of Statutes/Bill Drafter for The Great State Of Nebraska.

We met on Wednesday morning on August 1st.

We will work on a simple common sense bill that defines what a block is, what a blockchain is, what a coin is and what a token is. It will then spell out how those are taxable events for the State to get revenue from.

It will be a landmark law, for it will ultimately cause the computer to pay its taxes as it renders its output.

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Josef & Alon, I evangelized for two whole days…

For all their legislative muster, crypto and blockchain legislation and taxation mechanisms are stalled, because there is no universal agreement as to what is a block, coin, ledger, or blockchain.

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NCSL 8/1/18 – Day 2 – Lance you were right the 1st time…

As you will see by the cards, I had a very busy day yesterday.

And…..for the sake of argument….please hear this out….




We are talking hundreds and hundreds of millions in needlessly lost Crypto tax revenue.

For you Lance, this means pothole repair early and more completely, as you now have the road tax revenue to share with counties

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