378 A-List people.
378 WorldWide Landmarks.
378 Important Objects.
378 Points in Space.
378 Points in Time.

Yes, Taschen Books can publish a huge book about it.

And do you still wonder now why we like Priceline as partner or sponsor.
We were one of their original advertising affiliates on the Webbittown website.

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You have to see it now!

I don’t think it has to be edited anymore. Welcome to the 378 piece visual blockchain of colorsigns.

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#184 Richard Branson (via Jeff Hoffman)

I was in Seat 2A on Spirit Airlines flight NK 184. I was almost the last one to board. A guy was in 2B already.

More soon….

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Massive shirt painting session…

Like jerseys of your favorite sports team, the shirts are all lined up ready to be started. I’ll check back in when they are all first stage edge edited.

FACTOID: The first colorsign on a sports jersey was in 2003, with #9 on a Minnesota Wild Jersey.

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2/3 to 3/4 done

Hope you like it now!

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Post 4th musings…..

…..Colorsigns are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get…..

We wish & hope you had a bang up 4th! In this next week, we are working on finishing up the shirt backlog, laying more blue track sketch, and getting ready for Randy & Fenton.

Dog Town Rules!

Helping skateboards wash up on the right beach, has been a colorsign priority for decades. @SBUX WeHo.

We are at The Shark Tank Phase of growth. We will let you have 500 shares of Webbittown for only $300 each. This allows ‘The Wall’ to
easily built in only a couple of months. OR, You can pay the $150,000 and own ‘The Wall’ outright, but own NO Webbittown shares.

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Did you know that there are 717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249 versions of colorsigns, each one different from the other?

717 Sextillion
897 Quintillion
987 Quadrillion
691 Trillion
852 Billion
588 Million
770 Thousand

Thanks to Wikipedia for the number sequencing.

As an exercise, it is good to say this number out loud a few times, so you can realize the enormity of it.

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Blockchain Master Sketching on 7/4/18

Work on the 378 panel, 40 foot high work continued. The ‘Thin Blue Line” is about 33% done.

Have a Happy 4th of July! BANG!

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Nelson Sullivan Remembered 1948-1989

A lot of us in art and other mediums owe it all to Nelson Sullivan. Here are a couple of patterns on tshirts for the great archivist Robert Preston Coddington of the YouTube 5NinthAvenue Project.

We all miss Nelson a lot at this time of year. View Nelson’s Last Video.

Color layering by Jessica Reynoza. Thanks to Nick Hill and Ann Willmott & the cats.

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EOS Developer #meetup 5/16 @Sense HQ

Blockchain developer Sense held an EOS developer platform event. The topics were “How to transfer your EOS tokens” and the upcoming EOS elections for Block Developers.

sheos.org Think outside the blocks!

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