Sen. Cory Booker D-NJ gets #323 Brock Pierce

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A six foot by six foot bedspread!!!

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World Crypto Con Day Two

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Somebody 2017-2018

Somebody, the cat, peacefully died in his sleep at home in Los Angeles, CA, on All Saints Day. Somebody was a kind and loving cat. When discovered in the fall of 2017, he had many and varied medical disabilities. While not quite able to make a full recovery, he achieved his wish to become a regular house cat.

Somebody is survived be Yellow, Jobs, Mr. Seamus, and The Bran. They will all miss their alpha cat.

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World Crypto Con Day 1

The NEW VEGAS GAMES COIN made significant progress at Aris’s Poker Go Studios All Hallow’s Eve Day with the canvas being signed by:

1. Scotty Nguyen
2. Phil Hellmuth (Yellow Brick Road #13)
3. Charlie Lee – LiteCoin Founder

This served to help advance the advisory board needed to further the coins’ WhitePaper for investors. Between the players and Gaming Directors of the various casinos, a significant chunk of what will attract investors to this project will bw completed by the time the World Crypto Con is over.


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WorldCryptoCon Pre-Registration

Getting ready for Registration to open. Molly, originally from Apple Valley, MN is running the joint. She controls block 314. Erlinda from San Pedro & Kristin from San Diego are helping hold down the fort. I’m lucky that I’m getting an upgrade to VIP status.

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CryptoInvestSummit 10-23-18 Day 2

While the 40″x40″ visual blockchain was being laminated, it was New Vegas Games Coin Day on the Summit floor. Almost 1,000 laminates were distributed today. Molly Zuckerberg at CoinTelegraph, would be happy to know owing the first 378 dice rollers option advanced quite nicely today.

EOS Lynx was a top candidate as to which blockchain to attach the colorsigns to for this project. Totle showed promise to provide verification programs for the blockchain coinholders. We likely could now get Sense to underwrite

We could not have made the Summit any more rich than we have. All anyone need do is register the coins as a digital asset and treat them like crypto kitties. Some even got identical septuplets!

Jottings: #111 Henry Rollins, #331 Michael Moore, #211 Dalai Lama, #319 Rikki Lake, ##323 Brock Pierce, #239 Anthony Hopkins

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For Sale – $750.00 US Fiat or equivalent.

  • 36 7/8″ x 36 1/4″ Ink on coated paper.
  • Facilitators: Ann Willmott & Carol Braddock
  • 378 individual blockchained pieces.
  • Recorded on for
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Virginia Alice Braddock 1949-2018

She was an SDS Radical from the 60’s.
She advocated ‘for’ things, as opposed to advocating ‘against’ things.
It led to a life of intrigue, mystery, and major serial dramas.
She died quietly, in her sleep, in New York City, September 22nd.
She was creamated, and her ashes are in Lakewood Cemetary, in The Braddock Family Plot in Section 24, Site 115.
She is deeply missed by her friends and family.

Jottings: #5 Mario Andretti, #273 to #274 Madonna, #318 to #319 Vladimer Putin, #215 Joe Walsh, #301 Tilda Swinton, #369 Lisa Marie Presley, #333 Quincy Jones

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2 1/2 x 2 1/2 feet

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