I’d like to thank the Acker Award Academy….

I’m sorry I wasn’t there, but I was in the process of getting an MRI.

Thanks for choosing me as an Art Category recipient. It’s really nice to find yourself in company with Rivington School sculptors and the like in your category.

In the box, you will find a single art card and the complete list of cards in the accompanying laminate.

Make no mistake. Colorsigns are a brand spanking new graphic language. Eventually, they will rule the landscape that you see. Carefully, they will preserve everything you have done, are doing, and ever will do.

We are pretty much all friends here. Sorry he secret was kept for so long. But now that Colorsigns are coming up, after being hidden in The Rabbit Hole for so long, our first real project is medical record identifiers. More on this and how it will make your heal better in coming posts.

Jottings: #302 Snoop Dogg, #250 Jimmy Fallon, #98 David Cameron,
#324 Evgeny Morozov, #85 Peter Coyote, #375 through 378, 377, & 376, #337 Tara Lapinsky, #76 David Beckham,

About Carol Braddock

Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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