Welcome Clubhouse Viewers

For those of you tuning in late, Colorsign would like to welcome of all of you new viewers from The Clubhouse App. Now while it is Superbowl LV Monday, 2021, and Tom Brady cements a legacy that won’t be seen for awhile. You are, just by being here, helping to add to the 40 year history of Colorsign.

Every colorsign is a unique graphic visual. And as you learn how to use them, you will find that they are unique non-fungible tokens that express your communications in the viewers native language, even if its not your primary language.

As you grow into colorsigning activity, remember that colorsigns are now 40 years old, and that cryptography & blockchain constitute less than 1% of all usage.

We just need to know “how big your stack will be”, And just what permissions you will write into t hem.


About Carol Braddock

Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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