A True Detective (#89) learned today:

It was Lisa from Australia, not….Lisa Lisa from Cult Jam.

#92 Kayne West, it was discovered, had only 2 True Colors,

just ask #88 Cyndi Lauper. They were blue & yellow.

Nicole #93 was only kidding man, when you thought her

block number was 94, it was actually 93.

America, a crypto twin, loves #80Salma Hayek. Mexican, at that.

Maybe #183 The Pres. can learn what America wants!

And last but not least, maybe #86 Glenn Danzig could write a

song about all of the schmoozing today.

Woody (Harrelson), it’s not to infinity and beyond, it’s

717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249 to 1.

About Carol Braddock

Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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