$400! It was $300 in the parking lot, why the change?”

I realized you hadn’t done ANY DUE DILIGENCE whatsoever. You changed in about 1.2 seconds after you heard I was at The National Conference of State Legislatures the week before. I hadn’t thought about the ramifications. That news was gonna cost you a lot of money, as taxes were going to enter into the equation. I’ll say it again for everybody’s records:

Blocks will be taxed. Blockchains will be taxed, Coins will be taxed in the state they are considered to be created in. And all 50 states will have the same wording in their laws about these things. I almost always ask yes/no or short fill in the blank questions. To have answered the questions would have enhanced the value of the fine art shirt you already own. You had NO IDEA you were talking to shirt #21. Nicholas is one of many in a crowded field already. Nicholas is great. I think his biz card will make The Smithsonian.

The Artcall Project Powerpoint Share by Carol Braddock

Jottings: The vector graphic is seeded!!! Paging Kelly & Shevonne….The Yellow Brick Road has 378 stops on it. The idea is to put a medallion that’s worth a pretty penny somewhere near a chosen well known landmark. It is a project you have to sign on to, cause priceline.com will pay for it if you do. You can even have Harvey prepare the contracts for this, as he will surely miss you while you are gone, need compensation for it,
and make sure you are returned intact. (yes, kidnap insurance) Imagine being on The Ryman Stage in Nashville! They might even applaud you…You might never thought a trip to Skating With The Stars was that big a deal, but once you were on The Yellow Brick Road, you realized this wasn’t Kansas.

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Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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