Hollywood Bowl – Experiment #3


Hollywood Bowl Colorsign Experiment
Red Ed doing a visual experiment at The Hollywood Bowl, July 30th, 2011.


It was a great night at The Hollywood Bowl, this Saturday Night, July 30th, 2011. The night was warm, with just a hint of breeze and cool. Sunny skies greeted the culture lovers, as they wined and dined before the concert festivites took place.

Kennon B. Raines, from the LAUSD, Talent Manager Ann Willmott, and Assistant friend from CAA, who used to be an intern were on hand at Box 1655, which had been so generously given to us by Ron Weaver, the senior producer of the CBS hit daytime show”The Bold and The Beautiful”.

Ramdom Memory Bits: (Things that help event memoriy) Snacking of tri-tip wraps. Spilled green hummus stuff. Coffee, sodas, Hansen’s. Cobb salad from Trader Joes. Candles. Tablecloths. Texas Baseball Cap. Empty box at 1555 that Kennon sat in the whole time. Florence Henderson, Two Programs. Tablecloths. Spilled water. Table setup on arrival. Easy parking. Fairly easy exit. Wayne Brady. Brady Bunch Theme Song. TV highlights. Michael Feinstein. Cheyenne Jackson. Jack Everly Conducting. The photo experiment, that went south as you can see. Need a better camera. Or at least make it closer.

Yellow Brick Road Example #1

Yellow Brick Road - 2007
Follow The Yellow Brick Road

This is Yellow Brick Road Example No. 1. Here you have 40 colorsigns that are all bound together with a yellow line that somehow runs through all of the colorsigns and will take you back to the original colorsign that your eye starts at, if you follow it long enough,

You can go this for every ticket in The Bowl itself. Yes, there are roughly 18,000+ seats in the bowl, but you can make a sign for each ticket and seating arrangement. It is all in what you would use for the continuity design, and in what you would want to use to record the seating diagram placement

This becomes even more visual upon seeing the next upcoming piece, “The Thin Blue Line” which is 378 colorsigns, that are bound together by a blue line.


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