NCSL Summit – LA Convention Center 7/31-8/1 2018

It’s The National Conference of State Legislatures. Anecdotal evidence indicates they and their suppliers are way behind when it comes to blockchain. Everybody we saw got pieces of blockchain from the PROOF OF CONCEPT BLOCKCHAIN, and what a visual representation of just what A BLOCKCHAIN LEDGER looks like.

Their constituents are owed the ability to SEE THE BLOCKCHAIN RESULTS (called a hash) in the form of a BLOCK. All the blocks are timestamped as part of the process of registry and subsequent usage.

If I was a governmental representative, I too would reject most of the current forms of proprietary blockchain, because you just can’t see the code they use in the transaction process. And there has to be a standard for blockchain output that you all recognize and agree to. For if just one state disagrees with the standard, all have to disagree with the standard. All states must be able to verify each others codes.

But once you can blockchain records together, you yield instant benefits in unneeded duplication, chain of custody timelines, and universal language translation.

It’s not my Tyler Story, but is in my story for Tuesday, July 31st, 2018. Tyler Storys’ story comes up soon….

Jottings: LeBron #44, Super Mario #66, Oprah #117, Jennifer Lawrence #356, Tim McGraw #242, Oprah #117 Thanks to Nashville, Marble, AKC Canine Health Foundation, NARM, Rick Thigpen PSEG Gov’t Affairs, & Ed Green.

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