Letter to Fenton….

EDITORS NOTE: This is a work in progress, as long as you see this header. It is a pitch for a television show. And even while you know someone, and have starred in video’s with them, it doesn’t make this any easier to do, so please feel free to comment on this.

We copied a template from the web…..

SHOW TITLE: Four titles come to mind…
The Wall
The Sign
Blockchain 101

CREATOR: Carol A. Braddock
Keith Herman (provided he buys his shares on time)
Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato

BACKGROUND & KEY CREDITS: Carol Braddock, aka RED ED, began his art career in 1957 at The Walker Art Center, and in front of his home TV studying TV Snow Patterns.

KEY COLLABORATORS: World Of Wonder executive producers Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato bring to life the creative team from colorsigns.net as they spawn a myriad of artistic concepts and invention.

FORMAT: 60 minute “Comi-drama”. As most of the ‘drama’ is solved by the use of comedy. A prolog, six acts, and an epilog. 46 actual minutes.

LOGLINE: A new artform and its multi-cultural uses are introduced and explored.

SYNOPSIS: The COLORSIGNS team headed by The Hosts, The Narrator, and The Conceptualists, spend their episodes producing various blockchained artforms. There will be an A-List celebrity (or group of them), that can be interviewed as their painting is being rendered, an exercise with a group of young children (that results in a group collaboration), and the season long effort to have ‘The Monument’ finished by the season finale. Each show will always show a brand new format for colorsign usage.

EPISODE BREAKDOWNS: Episode 1 Introductions of the regular cast members and the hiring of painters, carpenters. Enlisting the help of MILLION DOLLAR LISTING to find the studio space for painting the blocks, and the assembly point for the monument itself. A single sign is finished at the end of an episode. You will also need a set for the taping of corporate decision making.

BASICS: The show arc for this season will feature 378 18×36″ canvases being painted and assembled along the Mexican-U.S. border, and marketed to Mexican art collectors. The assembly of these canvasses will create an artwork 40.5 feet high, and 42 feet wide.

DISTRIBUTION: This is a show that can be internationally distributed. You can make dubs & visual word translations in about 40 languages fairly easily. Colorsigns mean the same thing regardless of the viewers origin. Every art, political, gossip audience, from every country will watch, just based on the statistics that are inherent to the artworks. Once marketing and advertising for the show happen, the audience can only grow, for the question becomes: When are they going to assemble something like this in my country? Kind of like how TOP CHEF goes all around the United States, we would be hopping all around the globe each season.

Merchandising: One of the aspects of the show is that there are 378
designs each with an A-LIST CELEBRITY BASE attached to them. There are also the LANDMARK DESIGNATIONS, and IDEA/OBJECT PRODUCT PLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES. Shirts, pants, coffee mugs & cups, keychains, water bottles, THE COLORSIGN COKE BOTTLE, the list goes on and on, for if it has a use colorsign has a product for it.
Flor, has premade red, yellow & blue carpet squares for any floor!
(A bunch of segments right there)

THANKS TO: Ann Willmott, Robert Preston Coddington, Robert Williams, David H. Lawrence XVII, Roger Franz Jr., Michael Posner

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Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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