Did you know that there are 717,897,987,691,852,588,770,249 versions of colorsigns, each one different from the other?

717 Sextillion
897 Quintillion
987 Quadrillion
691 Trillion
852 Billion
588 Million
770 Thousand

Thanks to Wikipedia for the number sequencing.

As an exercise, it is good to say this number out loud a few times, so you can realize the enormity of it.

Updated Thanksgiving 2020, 12:27 AM

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Welcome Clubhouse Viewers

For those of you tuning in late, Colorsign would like to welcome of all of you new viewers from The Clubhouse App. Now while it is Superbowl LV Monday, 2021, and Tom Brady cements a legacy that won’t be seen for awhile. You are, just by being here, helping to add to the 40 year history of Colorsign.

Every colorsign is a unique graphic visual. And as you learn how to use them, you will find that they are unique non-fungible tokens that express your communications in the viewers native language, even if its not your primary language.

As you grow into colorsigning activity, remember that colorsigns are now 40 years old, and that cryptography & blockchain constitute less than 1% of all usage.

We just need to know “how big your stack will be”, And just what permissions you will write into t hem.


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Sorry For The Absence…..

I’ve been really medically challenged.
It still is pretty horrible.
I won’t go as far as to say I’m Back,
Just so you know I’m not gone,

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Place to Visit


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VegasBlockchainWeek – Part 1

It was already busy at The Cosmopolitan here in Las Vegas. Kenneth Bosak, Crypto Wendy O, Crypto Beadles, and most of tge usual suspects were in attendance. And we had retired two black chips from the craps tables.

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CIS – Overview

I traded cards with everybody you see here. @CrystalRose finished mining #block333. #block193 CryptoSipto explained how to make varieties for the #ListOf378. @rabbithodl had the best #CIS panel.
More later today…

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Digital Government Summit LA – Day 1

It is not so big,
but doesn’t have to be.
There is good vinyl here.

Some stuff is too bureaucratic.
The detail tape visits the floor tomorrow.

Making a sign for them.
I need single colorsigns.

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Bitcoin 2019

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Persp3ctive – Persp3ctive

Persp3ctive – Persp3ctive
— Read on persp3ctive.com/

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Block 243 (via 242) – Mistress Cyan


Mistress Cyan

Grant’s Tomb


August 15th, 1861

1st Recorded LaGrange Point, as determined by NASA

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Bitcoin Pizza Day 2019

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