Post 4th musings…..

…..Colorsigns are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get…..

We wish & hope you had a bang up 4th! In this next week, we are working on finishing up the shirt backlog, laying more blue track sketch, and getting ready for Randy & Fenton.

Dog Town Rules!

Helping skateboards wash up on the right beach, has been a colorsign priority for decades. @SBUX WeHo.

We are at The Shark Tank Phase of growth. We will let you have 500 shares of Webbittown for only $300 each. This allows ‘The Wall’ to
easily built in only a couple of months. OR, You can pay the $150,000 and own ‘The Wall’ outright, but own NO Webbittown shares.

About Carol Braddock

Visual artist living in Leimert Park, CA. Cares for @JobsTheCat, Mr. Seamus, The Bean, and Somebody
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